Raiding Rules

Loot Distribution

Guilty uses bits of common loot distribution methods in order to make a loot distribution system which is fair, promotes raid attendance as well as doing what is best for the group. Unless otherwise specified by the group leader, when the "Loot Master" feature is in use, loot will be distributed in the following way:

1) Loot is prioritised by rank. E.g. A "Core Raider" is prioritised over a "Raider" which in turn is prioritised over the "Backup" rank. Group members on the "Trial Member" rank are ineligible for loot until their trial period has finished unless the item is going to be disenchanted. Prioritising means these ranks roll for an item before the next rank rolls for the item. Information on how who to obtain the different ranks is found in the “Group Content Rules” section.
2) All those who can use the item will roll a random number between 1 & 100 with the highest roll winning the loot. This is done using the "/roll" command.
3) Any loot with spirit on it is considered healer loot, dodge and parry is tank loot and hit and crit is DPS loot.
4) Main spec will be rolled on before off spec which is rolled on before transmog.
5) Main’s will roll for loot (main spec and off spec) before Alts can roll for loot. This rule does not apply in a designated Alt run where all players are seen as equals. This is to make sure mains are able to progress further than alts which helps the group as a whole.
6) Your main spec is the spec you downed the boss on. E.g. If you healed the fight, you roll for healer loot. The only exception to this rule is if your group leader asks you to change roles / specs for the good of the group then you can specify your original spec as your main spec but this must be done before the fight starts.
7) Any members of the group which are pugs are seen as mains (regardless if they say it is an alt) and have just as much right to any loot that drops as anyone else.
8) The group leader reserves the right to override the roll or give loot out without calling for a roll. This is done for the good of the group and will generally be done to allow someone to get a BiS item or a 2/4 set bonus.
9) If an item is disenchanted, the product of the disenchant will be put in the guild bank to be used / bought by guild members for their enchanting needs.
10) If a Bind on Equip item drops, it will be rolled on for main spec only. If you win the item, you must equip the item immediately to bind it to your character. If no one can use the item for their main spec, the item will be put in the guild bank to be bought by guild members. See the "Guild Bank" section on how to purchase items from the guild bank.
11) The same applies to rare pattern / recipe drops. Link the required profession if you need the pattern and should you win the roll, learn the pattern immediately. In the past, rather than rolling for a pattern / recipe drop, we have given the pattern drops to certain guild members who are not likely to leave the guild to make sure access to the pattern is available to all guild members at the start of an expansion / patch. Don’t be offended if this happens again. At a later stage the patterns will be available to the group as a whole as normal or for sale from the guild bank.
12) Crafting orbs dropped by the boss will automatically be put in the Guild Bank without being offered to the group.
13) Should a BoE item, pattern or crafting orb drop while in a guild group with 1 or more pugs, before the item is put in the guild bank as no one is able to use the item, the group leader will announce the raid frame number of the pugs as seen on their raid frame. They will then do a raid role and if the number matches that of a pug, the item will be given to the pug. If the number matches a guild member, the item will be put into the guild bank as normal.
14) The loot master will reveal loot. Do not link loot to the group chat as this can cause confusion and people to start rolling on items before the loot mater is ready. Secondly do not link items that haven't dropped. E.g. "[Item X] never drops...". As this may also cause confusion.
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