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Hi All,

As Horrible Horridon is now down, it's time to talk tactics for the Council of Elders.

I trust everyone has read up on the mechanics of the fight so I am not going to go into great detail about the mechanics of each boss as you should know and understand that already.


Before I go into possible tactics, I just want to mention some possible classes that could trivialise a few of the fight mechanics based on what other guilds have found.
1. A Druid tank makes the tank swap nearly unnecessary as they will dodge a lot of the frost stacks before it stuns them but even if it does, single target healing cool downs will get them through the stun but you could do a quick tank swap just to drop stacks. One guild even one tanked this as the priestess will just stand there and cast at random raid members)
2. Shamans with a glyphed grounding totem makes the empowered mechanic of Kazra’jin (the charging one) trivial as well. Tips recommend putting all DPS in the same group as the Shaman and just as Kazra’jin is about to stun himself (after a charge), drop the totem and then damage is reflected back on the boss. I have seen a few comments that this isn’t working any more so it may have been a sly hot fix but I have not been able to find any confirmation on this.

OK, I have been through a lot of guides and reading how other guilds have done it. Some said they did it the normal way but the majority said they nuked Sul (sand guy) to make sure he died first because once he is dead the fight becomes a lot easier.

Based on what I have read, this is how I think we should do it.

Tanks spread, with one on the Priestess and the other on Sul. They then don’t move all fight unless a sand trap spawns on them or they are being charged by Kazra’jin or the Priestess becomes empowered. A DK tank is great for the Priestess because they can death grip the Loa Spirits back to them and either slow them or if spec'ed for it stun them. Mean while taunt the frost boss (Malakk) between the two tanks when needed (10 stacks). Tanks should also be interrupting their bosses as much as possible with an interrupt rotation set up with 2-3 DPS players as well on Sul to try and stop all casts from him.
DPS – Adds are your priority, but the Loa Spirits should be able to be killed by one to 2 players as long as they are slowed / stunned.

It turns out the empowerment is not random. It will always go to the frost boss first and then jump to the boss with the highest health, working its way down to the lowest health boss before starting again. By nuking Sul at the start and with careful boss positioning, it should be possible to kill Sul before he empowers (because he will be the lowest health so will be last to empower) or very soon into his empowerment. What seems to be the best way to do this is either on the pull, blow all trinkets, pre pot and hero and nuke Sul. As the frost boss (Malakk) will be stacked on Sul any way, you can use cleaves / multi DOT damage will help to break his empowerment and by the time Sul gets to around 50% health, Malakk should be close to breaking (if he hasn’t done so already) so you can then focus on him to break his empowerment if needed.

Word on the street is once the bosses hit 100% energy, you should be able to heal through about 10 seconds of the damage before it becomes to0 much so it is not a huge issue if you can’t break the empowerment before they start casting Dark Power.

Ideally, you would also throw some multi dots ok Kazra’jin during this burn phase so his health is lower than the priestess’ health forcing her to empower next. When she empowers, drag her to Sul and the Frost boss. This way you can continue to burn Sul while spraying damage onto the other two bosses and only focusing on the priestess towards the end of her empowerment. As her gimmick during empowerment is the spawned adds now damage random (ranged) raid members, it does not matter that she is standing next to other bosses. Another bonus of this is as the two tanks are now standing next to each other, this makes the tank swap a lot quicker so even if the tank does accidentally get stunned, the other can taunt of before any real damage is done. As soon as her empowerment breaks, pull her away from the other bosses.

The empowerment should then transfer to Kazra’jin (or if you didn’t dot him at the start to bring him lower than the priestess, he becomes the second empowerment), have the raid stack on Sul so when he charges a random raid member, chances are it will be one of the 9 stacked on Sul. Obviously spread before he actually charges to avoid the damage, but this will now mean he will stun himself on top of Sul, again allowing you to splash damage between multiple bosses. If the Shaman trick does still work, then it doesn’t matter if you have to all focus down Kazra’jin to break him (because you were previously focusing Sul) but if not, you will need to take turns on Sul to stop a healing nightmare.

By this time, Sul should be dead (or very close). If you do get an add phase, stack up and / or have a DK group up adds with their Gorefiend’s Grasp talent and then someone else then either AOE stun or AOE root them so they can be AOE’ed down. Some guilds let the off tank pick them up and ignored the adds until Sul was down.

After that, you can then follow the fight as normal (focusing only on the empowered boss) until you have downed them all or you can follow a similar grouping of bosses for the frost boss. Once the Frost boss is down apparently the rest of the fight is a cake walk.

If this sounds a bit complicated, after the initial Sul burn phase, you can leave 2-3 DPS on Sul while everyone else performs the fight as normal but this could take longer as it will mean running between active bosses (or leave MDPS on Sul) and having just 2-3 players on him may not be as quick as everyone splashing damage.

Apparently DPS can be tight on this fight and a quite a few guilds found two healing was the way to go. I guess we will just have to see how this goes.

A few other tips I have picked up. When the Frost boss is empowered, his debuff that normally requires 2 people to stack on you can be bubbled / ice blocked off and again this tends to target ranged so if the ranged stack up during this phase, it would reduce the running around (but everyone in the group will need to pay attention to the charges from Kazra’jin).

What does everyone think?

P.S. Some guilds have said that since there has been two waves of nerfs, they have started ignoring the Loa Spirits and just grouping the 3 bosses together to DPS them down together.
we also need to try and keep sand traps out of the center so we have more space to stack and spread out when needed if we can get that i think the fight will then become alot easier then it looks and just need to watch for when the boss spell reflects and know when u need to stop damaging him but ask for ignoreing the loa that might be a bit awkward for us till we get the hang of things
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