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ToT Bosses and average item levels

Hi All,

For those that are interested, have been putting some stats together about the guilds that have killed the bosses in ToT.

E.g. At the time of writing this post over 6000 guilds have killed the first boss and they had an average item level of 495 but that jumps to 500 for the second boss, currently the biggest jump between average item levels of all the bosses. I expect the difference between some of the other bosses to grow over time as so far the guilds which are much further into the raid are used to under gearing content so the stats will be a bit skewed at the moment.

On a positive note, the average item level for pre-nerf Sha of Fear was 491 so if we can get Jin'rokh, we can get Sha.
Also read, (at time of posting) 15 guilds currently have 12/12 ToT Normal as of Day 2, mainly US guilds though.

Is that recommended iLvl for the boss? Guess in meantime we can get a few more people to point where we can start thinking about Jin'Rokh on farm, maybe even starting Terrace normal :)

Does the 10% nerf count for Terrace?
Yes, all 5.0 raids.
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